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Movie stars' beauty is their most valuable possession. Stars use the best makeup products while shooting, but even the best of makeup damages the skin which can age prematurely and appear dull and lifeless. The dry confines of air-conditioned studio floors or the harsh conditions of sunny and dusty outdoor sets are both equally damaging for the Stars’ skin.

BestIndian range of essential skin care luxuries, formulated from the nurturing and nourishing magic of nature, is the solution to the above and more. Best skincare is only possible only when it's free of harmful chemicals and is derived from plants- BestIndian™ Beauty Care Luxuries ensure that Movie stars’ stunning looks keep getting enhanced, and their beauty never fades away.

BestIndian™ aren’t merely the best, but also the safest cosmetics products in the world, because every BestIndian product has set new benchmarks for the World’s cosmetics industry by raising the bar to hitherto unreached quality and safety levels. BestIndian™ products are 100% free of Paraben and Alcohol because of the brand’s commitment towards creating the safest beauty and personal care products in the world. BestIndian™ creates products which are free of all possible harmful artificial ingredients.

BestIndian Beauty care luxuries are used for enhancing the beauty of movie stars; therefore each product has been created after years of meticulous research, and countless rounds of ground breaking laboratory experiments. For years, our dedicated teams of scientists, researchers, laboratory technicians, botanists, microbiologists, cosmetologists, skin care experts and Doctors worked together in perfect sync with one common aim- to create the safest, best and the most trusted products for beauty enhancement, maintenance, and overall wellness. All BestIndian™ luxuries are made in accordance with the laws of Ayurveda, and the guidelines provided in scriptures like Ashtangsangriha, Sushrut Samhita, Charak Samhita, etc

Multiple rounds of quality checks and process quality assurance ensures that every BestIndian™ luxury not just meets the strictest norms, but easily surpasses them. Our mission is to not only meet the accepted norms of the industry, but to set new elevated norms for the beauty and cosmetics industry to adhere to, by inspiring other brands to make product safety and transparency, an absolute non-negotiable. All BestIndian™ luxuries are made in 100% compliance with the norms of the Govt. Of India and the provisions of the United States Federal Food, Drug, And Cosmetic Act., in a state of the art non-polluting manufacturing facility, in the midst of pristine Himalayas in Bharat (India).


 BestIndian™ believes in, and practices absolute transparency. We have set an example for the rest of the Beauty care companies and cosmetics brands by disclosing “All Ingredients” used in all BestIndian™ products, and hope that all other companies and beauty care brands follow our example to make safe cosmetics safe for everyone in the world. In the light of the frequent and intimate nature of the contact on skin and mucosa with Cosmetics & Beauty Care products, it is crucially important that they do not contain any potentially dangerous substances, whatsoever.

BestIndian™: Certified Organic & Natural

All BestIndian Beauty care Luxuries are certified organic, in addition to being natural. Harmful chemicals are absorbed by the skin, which is the largest organ of the human body. Therefore it is not enough for a cosmetic brand to be natural, without also being 100% organic. Cosmetics which are prepared from natural ingredients which have not been grown organically end up doing as much harm as artificial chemical based cosmetics.

The world is fast realizing the dangers of using pesticides and chemical fertilizers to grow agricultural and herbal produce. Plants act like a sieve and absorb every chemical, good or bad, provided to it during its growing phase. Resultantly, carcinogens are introduced in the human body when human beings use products and food made from plants which have been grown using synthetic fertilizers.

BestIndian ™ Natural Beauty Care products are made amidst Himalayas in Uttarakhand:

BestIndian™ beauty care and wellness luxuries are manufactured in pollution free and pristine surroundings, amidst majestic Himalayan mountain range. All herbs used in BestIndian™ products are grown organically by our trusted farmers, which helps uplift the local economy. Other farmers of the region have been inspired by our ‘Grow Organic’ campaign, and have started boycotting synthetic fertilizers. This has helped in organic rejuvenation of vast areas of farmlands spanning across several villages.

 The efficiency of natural ingredients based cosmetics products depends on the freshness of the ingredients used. BestIndian™ products’ potency is the highest in the cosmetics industry which is a result of using the freshest ingredients. All are farms are located close to our manufacturing facility to ensure that our products are made with the freshest possible ingredients. Herbs are harvested early in the morning, and are transported with care and efficiency to ensure that the herbs reach our state of the art manufacturing facility, within three hours of harvesting. It’s almost like using ingredients from your own kitchen garden.

Our modern manufacturing facility meets and surpasses all quality norms of ISO 9001, and is GMP certified. Our in house research and experiments are conducted in state of the art labs incorporating the latest scientific advances, to create our trademarked formulations. Our scientists are reputed to be the experts of the industry, and share a common passion to introduce the world to the magical possibilities of nature based products.

Since the prehistoric days, Uttarakhand is known as the land of spirituality and Yoga, where saints and philosophers used to spend years in meditation and research. These researches were mainly centred on the effects of various herbs which were discovered in the Himalayan jungles, meadows, and valleys. These herbs were known as ‘jadi-booti’ in ancient texts and scriptures, and were used to cure almost all ailments known to ancient Indians. These researches were collated, and let to the genesis of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is respected as the most effective alternative medicine system in the modern day Indian subcontinent, where this unique science is used to create effective herbal medicines which are used by around 80% of the population.

Natural Perfumes made in Kannauj

Kannauj in India had been known to the ancient civilizations of the world, as the perfume capital of the world. Perfumes were at the top of the Luxuries exported from India, and as Pliny the elder mentioned, the majority of the gold of the various ancient kingdoms of the world was spent in importing perfumes made in India.

Indian fragrances were exported to the kings & nobility of ancient civilizations including the Egyptian pharaohs, Caesars of Roman Empire and later to senators of Roman Republic, to Tapputi of Mesopotamia to Babylon, Sumeria, Swarnbhoomi, Tamraparni, etc. Evidence from Achaemenid and Graeco-Roman history establish that Indian perfumes were famous throughout the known world for their complexity and quality.

The history of perfumery in India dates back millennia to the pre Vedic time period. In a remarkable archaeological discovery in 1975, archaeologist Dr Paolo Rovesti discovered a terracotta distillation apparatus in the Indus valley, together with oil containers made of the same material, carbon dated to 3000 BCE.

Fragrances are given a place of honour in both Ramayana and Śrīmadbhagavadgītā. Vishnu Dharmottara Purana and Varāhamihira's Bṛhat Saṃhitā from 1500 years ago, describe the art of perfumery in India in detail.
Varahamihira devoted chapter 30 only to “Gandhayukti”, which means “Art of combining perfumes”, while Kamasutra of Vatsyayana lists making perfumes as one of the 64 arts of love.

Perfumery making in ancient India was an art form, perfected over the span of millennia. Indian perfumes were all natural, made from herbs and plant extracts, using unique distillation processes. BestIndian™ has recreated the perfumes of ancient India by diligently following the ancient methods. Our state of the art perfumery meets the latest scientific certifications, while strictly adhering to the ancient Indian methodology of natural perfume creation.


(1)  Guaranteed Natural

(2)  Guaranteed Organic

(3)  Guaranteed CDSCO and FDA compliant

(4)  Guaranteed FDA approved ingredients

(5)  Guaranteed of GMP

(6)  Guaranteed ISO 9001:2015

(7)  Guaranteed free of Paraben

(8)  Guaranteed free of sulphates

(9)  Guaranteed free of alcohol

(10) Guaranteed Cruelty Free, Vegan*, Vegetarian

(11) Guaranteed free of Mineral Oil

(12) Guaranteed free of Artificial Colors

(13) Guaranteed free of Phthalates:

(14) Guaranteed free of Formaldehyde

(15) Guaranteed free of PEG (Polyethylene Glycol)

(16) Guaranteed free of Animal Ingredients.


BestIndian ™ is the industry leader in setting new parameters for environment protection and preservation, because existing parameters are not proving to be sufficient to protect the environment. Various studies have shown that instead of reduction, there has been an increase in the speed of environmental degradation, in spite of climate activism and media’s attention.

BestIndian™ is harnessing the power and reach of business to create a more sustainable world. We’re on a mission to enhance the planet, not just maintain it, therefore we make real change possible—reducing carbon emissions, conserving forests and biodiversity, and improving health and livelihoods. BestIndian™ respects The Carbon Neutral Protocol by meeting all guidelines for businesses to achieve carbon neutrality.

BESTINDIAN™ Luxuries are proudly Carbon Neutral Certified & are created by respecting the environment during all stages of manufacturing. Environment protection and preservation forms the core of BestIndian™ ethos which is exhibited in the Urban forest called Atal Vatika.


Atal Vatika is an urban forest created in Dehradun, by Mr. Nitin Sahrawat, Founder Director of BestIndian, by planting and nurturing hundreds of rare native Indian Fruit & Ayurvedic trees in Dehradun, India. The once barren, lifeless & trash filled ravine has now turned into a mini City forest, hosting a Self-sustaining ecosystem comprising numerous species of birds, mammals and reptiles.


BestIndian™ is a medium for change and believes in all round development of all sections of the society, protection of nature, conservation of wildlife, and empathy for animals. BestIndian™ doesn’t believe in advertising on television or in buying followers on social media, and refuses to hire the services of Celebrities, Actors, or cricketers as the BestIndian™ brand ambassadors. BestIndian™ doesn’t send out free sample products to get favourable reviews by influencers.

BestIndian™ has made a name for itself on its inherent merits, and has earned its goodwill and reputation due to the quality of its products and user satisfaction, instead of resorting to artificial brand building by paid promotion of the brand.

(1) To provide employment to Indian youth by setting up Studios for animation & filmmaking in India:

Digital Content in general, and animation in particular have immense potential for generating employment. BestIndian™ plans on starting animation and film studios in smaller towns, particularly in the neglected regions of India. Youth from the hinterland should be provided equal career opportunities and awareness as those from the metropolitan cities, to help prevent migration.

(2) To set up animal rescue shelters for the helpless stray and abandoned animals including cows, dogs, mules etc:

India had always been known for the beautiful and harmonious coexistence between humans and numerous animal species. However, in recent times there has been a rapid rise in human-animal conflicts. Helpless stray and abandoned animals need to be treated with empathy, and at the same time safety of vulnerable humans including children and the elderly needs to be taken into account. BestIndian™ plans to set up animal rescue, welfare and rehabilitation centres, in all those Indian towns which lack this facility.

(3) To create more urban forests in India by planting native Indian fruit and Ayurvedic trees.
Rapid and often unplanned urbanization has resulted in an India urban scape which is devoid of greenery. Unless cities include development of nature in their development plans, Indian cities would continue suffering intense heat waves, dust storms, unbreathable winter air, smog, etc. BestIndian™ has created #AtalVatika, an urban forest In Dehradun, by planting numerous native Indian trees, and plans to create numerous more such Vatikas in as many cities and towns as possible.

BestIndian™ is the trade name of QuiteLit Digital Media (OPC) Pvt. Ltd., as mentioned on the GST Certificate issued by the Government of India. GSTIN : 05AAACQ5749D1ZK