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BestIndian™ Luxury Perfumes are created for the specialized & esoteric perfumery requirements of acting professionals, pilots & other discerning connoisseurs, who would settle for nothing but the best.

Organic herbs are sourced directly from the farmers to our perfumery, where trademarked formulations are created combining the best of ancient Indian scriptures and treatises including Ashtangasangraha, Charak Samhita & Sushruta Samhita, with modern day scientific knowledge.

BestIndian™ Luxury Perfumes are Natural, Organic, FDA compliant, Cruelty free, Vegan, Vegetarian and are custom made in strictly limited numbers to maintain their exclusivity, in the ancient perfume capital of the world, Kannauj, in India.

Perfumery making in ancient India was an art form, perfected over the span of millennia. Indian perfumes were all natural, made from herbs and plant extracts, using unique distillation processes. BestIndian™ has recreated the perfumes of ancient India by diligently following the ancient methods. Our state of the art perfumery meets the latest scientific certifications, while simultaneously adhering to the ancient Indian methodology of natural perfume creation.

Kannauj in India had been known to the ancient civilizations of the world, as the perfume capital of the world. Perfumes were at the top of the Luxuries exported from India, and as Pliny the elder mentioned, the majority of the gold of the various ancient kingdoms of the world was spent in importing perfumes made in India.

Indian fragrances were exported to the kings & nobility of ancient civilizations including the Egyptian pharaohs, Caesars of Roman Empire and later to senators of Roman Republic, to Tapputi of Mesopotamia to Babylon, Sumeria, Swarnbhoomi, Tamraparni, etc. Evidence from Achaemenid and Graeco-Roman history establish that Indian perfumes were famous throughout the known world for their complexity and quality.

Indoor & Outdoor Shooting Compliant:

BestIndian™ have been manufactured to meet the requirements of movie stars for the studio floor and also the outdoor sets. They are designed for usage in all weather conditions including sunny or overcast, in any climatic zone or season.

DGCA Compliant:

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is a statutory body of the Government of India to regulate civil aviation in India. BestIndian™ Perfumes have been manufactured to meet all requirements of the DGCA, which have been specified for pilots and flying crew pertaining to the usage of cosmetics and perfumes.

100% Alcohol & Paraben free

Alcohol based perfumes dry out the skin and also impair its barrier function, particularly if your skin is already weakened, dry or sensitive. Alcohol dehydrates the skin by evaporation of water and a breakdown of lipids in the skin's top layer, causing a disruption of the user's epidermal carrier.

Alcohol based perfumes impair the brain's cognitive functions and decision making prowess. This is why the Director General of Civil Aviation in India has advised pilots and airhostess to avoid using alcohol based perfumes so that they remain alert and sharp to meet any unexpected emergency while flying.

Regular usage of Alcohol & Paraben based perfumes can lead severe health complications and premature aging, as the skin starts appearing dull & lifeless. Unfortunately, almost all mainstream Luxury perfume brands use paraben and alcohol as the primary ingredients of their respective perfume brands.

The world is increasingly becoming aware of the dangers of using Alcohol and Paraben based perfumes. Latest scientific journals published by the United States Govt's National Library of Medicine state that : "Paraben as one of the contaminants of perfumes, colognes and deodorants, has been found in human breast tumors; so it may play a role in increasing the incidence of breast cancer. There is a significant relationship between malignant ovarian tumor tissues and increased exposure to high paraben concentrations."