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Premature aging had always been the greatest challenge before the cosmics industry in general, and the the scientists in particular. Billions of dollars had been spent in researches and clinical trails, but finding a permanent solution to this seemingly impossible problem, was always elusive. These researches employed varies techniques and methodologies to find a solution, but no matter what approach was used, failure resulted.

Few years back, scientists at BestIndian™ decided to tackle this problem by using a new dimension altogether. After deeply analysing all the researches hitherto undertaken in the Anti aging science, they discovered that all failed researches shares one parameter - they were all using artificial chemicals to find answer to a natural problem which aging is.

Instead of using synthetic chemicals, BestIndian scientists decided to use phytochemicals for our research in our quest to find the solution for anti-aging. Phytochemicals are chemicals produced naturally by plants, and are so complex that it has been impossible to recreate these unique chemicals in even the most advanced laboratories.

Our scientists were assigned teams, with each such team having an assigned goal. These teams worked together in beautiful harmony and perfect sync, because each of these hardworking scientists was personally passionate about finding a solution.
For years, these incredible men and women devoted their all for the mission. Taking cues from the ancient Indian treatises which had provided in depth explanation of herbs with seemingly magical properties, BestIndian™ scientists were fascinated with the discovery of the amazing bioactive properties which these herbs possessed.

The researcher managed to isolate unique phytochemicals from these herbs, which would were then mixed together in various permutations and combinations in our state of the art laboratories, to create various formulas which were then further studied and compared.

It was a long process, fueled by sheer resolve and hard work of our pioneering scientists. They weren't prepared to settle with 'good enough',

They weren't content with creating good enough solutions.. they wanted to keep improving the formula till no further improvement was possible, till they had discovered the elusive elixir of youth.

For years, we kept perfecting our formula till we discovered what humankind had always been looking for. We discovered the ultimate anti aging formula. We discovered the Solution for eternal youth.. we discovered the Elixir Of Youth.