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Ever wondered why people's look changes completely, the moment they remove the makeup?

Everyone is born with perfect skin, but with the passage of time the skin starts developing blemishes due to various reasons including diet, lifestyle, genetic, hormonal, illness, pollution, etc.

People cover these blemishes by applying make-up, but this only aggregates the problem. Blemishes become more pronounced, and require heavier and more frequent applications of makeup.

This vicious cycle continues till the skin deteriorated to the extent that it gets impossible to recognise a person when her/his makeup comes off.

Glowing skin is the holy grail and foundation of beauty. The pinnacle of beauty is a face which doesn't require any makeup to look beautiful, as the natural glow is more attractive than any makeup would ever be.

No matter what skin tone - dusky, wheatish, fair, or ebony, etc., there is nothing more beautiful than a face glowing with health. A face which doesn't require foundation, concealers or any other make-up. A face which loves being flaunted in all its radiant glory, instead of being coverd in makeup.

GlowPotion range features the unique GlowPotion™ formula