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Absolute beauty care is possible only when topical applications are complimented with rejuvenation and fortification from within the body.

Ancient India had unlocked the secrets teternal youth and beauty. Bharatvarsh or Jambudvīpa, as India was known in pre historic times, was known as the Wellness & beauty care hub of the world.

The ancient Indians had thoroughly researched the effects of the unique herbs found in India, on the human body. Clinical trials were conducted for hundreds of years, until the perfect formulations for providing cure for every ailment known to humankind, were obtained. Numerous books were written on the methodology and the process of these trails, and on the composition of the herbal formulas.

In ancient India, wellness potions were created from the Arks of unique herbs and botanical extracts of plants’ flowers, leaves, barks and roots. These potions were the most treasured of all Indian exports to the Ancient civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Sumeru, SwarnBhoomi,

In Ayurveda, Ark is defined as herbal distillate or aqueous formulation of combinations of herbs, prepared by steam distillation method. An Ark is a solution containing volatile oils of medicinal herbs, which is absorbed instantly in the blood stream without the constraints of the time taken for digestion as in the case of powdered supplements or juices, thereby providing maximum benefits.

Oral ingestion is the most effective way for the body to absord the phytochemicals which are required to tackle the root cause of skin and beauty care related issues. This aids in quick absorption and long retention of the essential bioactive elements present in the potions.

Combining the best of modern technology and ancient knowledge, BestIndian Potions are the last word in total beauty care.

All BestIndian™ Potions are 100 % Natural, Preservative free, Certified Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, prepared scientifically in our state of the art, ISO and GMP certified manufacturing facility.