BestIndian™ respects all actors equally, irrespective of the Indian state in which their industry is located, or the language of their work. BestIndian™ offers 10% discount for all Indians who are members of registered Actors' Welfare Association of state or Union territory of India, to promote unity and help establish the identity of the Indian Film & Television Industry, amidst the international audience /on an international arena.

Films and television are one of the most effective mediums for positively influencing the society at large, and can be a catalyst for change. Recognizing the potential of the soft power of this medium, every country in the world nurtures its respective Film Industry with respect and recognition. Resultantly, Film and television industries of almost all the countries of the world, are known by the respective names of the country in which they are based. Korean, Iranian, Spanish, French, Russian, etc., are merely a few examples of the above.

BestIndian™ disagrees with the addition of the moniker ‘wood’, to describe the various film making centres of India. Indian Film Industry’s first film production was in the year 1899, predating Hollywood’s, by eleven years. Additionally, the Indian Film Industry is the largest in the world by the sheer number of projects released every year. Therefore, the usage of terms like Bollywood, Mollywood etc., makes the Indian Film Industry appear as amateurish clones of the Hollywood based film industry.

Unless the Indian Film Industry is given the respect and the recognition which it deserves by the Indians, it would be tough for the international audience to take this industry seriously. One India, one identity - Indian

How to obtain the Moviestar™ 10% Discount

To redeem the 10% off for Moviestar™ offer, please mail us at with the following details:
(1) The applicant's registration details with a self attested copy of valid I-card, issued by the Registered Actors’ welfare association of any state or Union territory of India (Bharat).
(2) Online links to the Applicant's body of work, available on the internet.
(3) The applicant's social media handles, if any.
(4) Signed statement that the discounted products would not be re-sold in the Grey market for profit.


According to information provided to us by various Actors' Associations, out of the lakhs of professional actors employed in the various Film and Television industries of India, hardly 1% of them are financially secure. The rest 99% encounter persistent financial challenges due to the infrequent, irregular and unpredictable nature of their work.

Apart from the 1% who get paid in millions, the rest 99% get paid in merely thousands. The unpredictability of the acting profession, the stress of meeting familial financial responsibilities, and the pressure of EMIs start taking a toll on the most valuable assets of the actors and the actresses – their confidence, health, and beauty.

BestIndian™ wishes all those brave souls who are trying to make a name and a career in the unpredictable world of entertainment, the very best, and promises to stand by them throughout their journey. Please don’t let the rejections at auditions dishearten you, and please don’t be depressed by the loneliness of the struggle. Keep believing in yourself, and do take care of your physical and mental health. Most importantly, don’t neglect the most important weapon in your arsenal- your beauty. Please look after your skin and follow a disciplined lifestyle & beauty regimen, so that one day when success suddenly arrives at your door, you are already ready for the limelight, the cameras and the action; with glowing skin and flowing tresses provided by BestIndian™ beauty care Luxuries.

To everyone trying their best to get a foothold in the industry - stay strong and determined buddy, you got this. You exemplify the spirit of new India- nothing is impossible. Your integrity, resilience, passion, determination and ingenuity makes you a Best Indian and BestIndian™ is honoured to stand by you. Forever, through the thick and the thin of life.

BestIndian™ for the Best Indian