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Introducing Moviestar™ - the only beauty care products which are Film Studio Compliant.

⚪ Studio Compliant:
Moviestar Luxuries are patronized by the members of the Cine & Television Actors Association of India, therefore all products are guaranteed Film Studio Compliant, and not only meet but surpass all quality norms of the Govt. of India and United States' FDA.

⚪ "Let's make the most beautiful people on the planet, more beautiful .."
This was the one line mission statement for Project Moviestar, wherein senior BestIndian scientists decided to create beauty care products for actors and actresses. Among the primary challenges for this project, were the following:
⚜ How to protect the beauty of Moviestars from the vagaries of the harsh shooting environment which comprises of dust, harsh lights, sun, etc; in addition to irregular sleep cycles and long working hours which often extend beyond 12 hours.
⚜ How to ensure that their skin is free of all blemishes, and even extremely close camera zooms won't be able to spot any imperfection.
⚜ How to achieve perfect beauty which doesn't require any makeup at all.

⚪ DGCA compliant

BestIndian™ Luxuries have been manufactured to meet the requirements of the Director General of Civil Aviation of India, which have been specified for pilots and flying crew pertaining to usage of cosmetics and perfumes.