Collector's Edition Perfumes

You only want the finest, and the rarest. Everything about you is personalized, your olfactory signature included. Therefore, 100% Natural & Alcohol free BestIndian™ special edition perfumes are created in strictly limited seasonal batches, ensuring that the subtly spellbinding fragrance of your arrival stays, etched as an indelibly beautiful memory. Memory of you, and your redolence.


Luxury Beauty Care

  • Anti-Aging Essentials
  • Moviestar Care


100% Transparency

All Ingredients Disclosed - No Hidden ingredients. BestIndian™ believes in, and practices absolute transparency. We have set an example for the rest of the Beauty care companies and cosmetics brands by disclosing “All Ingredients” used in all BestIndian™ products, and hope that all other companies and beauty care brands follow our example to make safe cosmetics safe for everyone in the world. In the light of the frequent and intimate nature of the contact on skin and mucosa with Cosmetics & Beauty Care products, it is crucially important that they do not contain any potentially dangerous substances, whatsoever.

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World's Safest Cosmetics

BestIndian™ aren’t merely the Best, but also the safest cosmetics products in the world, because every BestIndian product has set new benchmarks for the World’s cosmetics industry by raising the bar to hitherto unreached quality and safety levels.

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Certified Organic & Natural

All BestIndian Beauty care Luxuries are certified organic, in addition to being natural.

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Trademarked formulations

Fragrance Of Life

Find Us in More Than 140 Countries


Carbon Neutral

BestIndian™ is
honoured to be carbon neutral certified - the symbol of maximum environment

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10% off for Moviestar

Bestindian™ respects all vernacular film & television industries of India & offers 10% discount for all Indians who are members of registered Actors' Welfare Association of any Indian state, to encourage unity & discourage frivolous tags such as Bolly, Tolly, Mollywood etc. One India, one identity- Indian

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25% of revenue for welfare

On an average, companies spend 15% - 25% of their annual revenue for their marketing budget. Instead of wasting money on self publicity, BestIndian™ decided to let the quality and merits of our products do the talking for us, and diverted all our marketing budget towards social welfare.

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Movie stars' beauty is their most valuable possession. Stars use the best makeup products while shooting, but even the best of makeup damages the skin which can age prematurely and appear dull and lifeless.


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